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Welcome to Making the Turnaround Podcast

Hey Everyone! I’m your host, Meredith Kirk, it’s nice to meet you!

Living a victorious Christian life is not always easy. Our journey’s in life at times can be full of twists, turns, and dead ends. Each of us comes to a crossroad in life where we have a choice of continuing on the road we are on or turning around.In the Bible, turning around is the meaning of the word ‘repentance’. We often associate the word ‘repent’ as telling God that we are sorry for our sins and poor choices, but that is only part of the word’s meaning. Repentance is a verb, it’s an action, that requires change. It means stopping where we are at and turning around and going in the opposite direction and often times, it’s a challenge to make that turn around.

Maybe that’s what you have experienced, the challenge of making the turnaround. Whatever you story is, no matter what road you have been on, the good…the bad… or the ugly…you can always make a turnaround and that is what this podcast is about. Each episode will inspire, encourage, and strengthen you to continue turning around, away from the past, and into the future with a new life in Jesus Christ. No matter your circumstances, there is always hope, and God is ready to meet you right where you are at and help you discover your God given destiny..which includes living a victorious life.

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