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Season 1 Episode 7-The Three Greatest Important Words Ever Spoken by Jesus…That Will Set You Free!

In the podcast, Meredith shares the three most powerful and greatest words ever spoken by Jesus! These words were cried out on the cross by Jesus in his last breath to give us victory, salvation, and hope. They give us the strength to continue our life journey with purpose, joy, and obedience to our life calling on earth and to our eternal calling in heaven. What Jesus did through His perfect earthly existence, sacrificial death, and glorious resurrection fully completed the work the Father had given Him to do. Not only did He complete His salvific work, but His accomplishment is fully in effect today and will be forevermore.  The undeniable, factual, historic, and eternal work of Jesus Christ has been completed–is complete–and will forever remain completed. “IT… IS… FINISHED!” If you are needing hope and strength today, this podcast is for you! Let it pour into your soul, and give you the strength and courage to come bodly and confidently to the throne of God, through Christ, to find redemption and peace for your soul…today–tomorrow–and for eternity.