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Season 1 Episode 9-The Power of the Lord’s Prayer

Have you ever struggled with prayer? Do you ever find it challenging to pray because you don’t really know where to start in prayer? Or, maybe it’s been awhile since you have prayed and are procrastinating because you feel intimidated or overwhelmed by it?  In this Episode, ‘The Power of the Lord’s Prayer’, Meredith Kirk shares compelling insight into the most powerful prayer given to us as Christians by Christ himself. Before Jesus’ death on the cross, he left the disciples with a model for prayer that is literally formulated by God himself. It gives us a pattern in prayer that glorifys Him, covers our needs, and helps us discern His perfect will for our lives. Meredith shares even further insight into the hidden power of this prayer that expels demons and protects oneself from the enemy. The prayer is also a mild form of exorcism. This is an insightful and power-packed episode that can be life changing and lifesaving!