Season 2 Episode 1- The Resurrected Life

In this Easter Episode, Meredith shares her favorite quote from movie, ‘The Gladiator’, and how that quote aligns with what Jesus shares with us in the ‘Parable of the Sower’. As Christians, we should be living ‘Resurrected Lives’, but many of us are not living out our new lives in Christ and we are missing out on our life callings. Living a resurrected life is living an authentic life ordained by God. It’s the life you were meant to live. It’s the life that produces multiple crops like the parable says, 30, 60, or even hundredfold harvests. The resurrected life produces powerful results here on earth and those results continue into eternity… It’s an invested life, an ‘all-in’ approach to the Christian walk committed to call and mission of what God has appointed you to do. So, if you are sick and tired of the life you are living and feel like you are missing something in your life, tune-in for a powerful message that will spark resurrection power in your soul!