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ECLIPSE OF THE SOUL: Overcoming Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, and Hopelessness PART 4

In this Part 4 Series of Healing, you will learn about the power of fasting and the freedom, deliverance, and victory that you will receive when you fast. Jesus commands us to fast and pray as Christians. It is part of living a Christian life. Many Christians have never fasted and are losing out on the incredible benefits and rewards of this Christian discipline. There is tremendous power and victory in fasting! If you are depressed or suicidal right now and you have tried everything in your power to help yourself, whether it be medical help, medicine, therapy, nutrition, homeopathic approaches, exercise, and nothing has worked, then this episode could radically change your life for the better! Fasting and praying may be the missing link in your journey to healing and deliverance. Meredith shares her story of fasting, the benefits of individual and corporate fasting, Biblical accounts of fasting, as well as a FREE Fasting and Prayer Guide (25 pages) for you to download at www.makingtheturnaround.com in the free resource center.